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Daily vocabulary: 5 random words


In this article you can find five words. It takes about five minutes or less to study them. If you search for these articles every day you will learn 150 words every month; it makes 1800 new words every year. Now let’s see our daily words:

Lucid (v)

Easy to understand
Magyarul: tiszta, világos

Her books for children are always lucid

Presumption (n)

Assumption, to suppose something
Magyarul: feltételezés

When Mr. Hill didn’t find his car, he had the presumption that somebody had stolen it

Impede (v)

To slow down
Magyarul: lelassít

Because the police didn’t have any clue, the whole investigation was impeded

Dissipate something ON (v)

To spend money
Magyarul: költeni valamire

They dissipated their earnings on a holiday

Ornate (adj)

Very well decorated
Magyarul: díszes, nagyon kidíszített

Ornate houses are common during Christmas season

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