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Daily vocabulary: 5 random words


In this article you can find five words. It takes about five minutes or less to study them. If you search for these articles every day you will learn 150 words every month; it makes 1800 new words every year. Now let’s see our daily words:


Estimate or conclude something
Magyarul: meghatároz, megbecsül vagy megmagyaráz valamit

We still can’t extrapolate how big the Universe is


Take back a statement
Magyarul: visszavon, a kijelentést semmissé akarja tenni

There is no way to retract what you write in emails


Sombedoy who is happy or merry because of something
Magyarul: boldog, örül valaminek

The members of the political party got jovial when they realized that their president had won

Embellish with

To add details to something
Magyarul: hozzáad részleteket valamihez

After I finished my article, I still had to embellish it with some funny comments


Regular allowance
Magyarul: időszakos engedmény

The bank gave me a stipend so I will be able to buy a flat soon

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