With the spread of digital technology, many aspects of our lives have changed. This change has reached the field of education as well, providing both teachers and students with new possibilities of teaching and learning.

In general, there are many different ways of using digital technology in the classroom, and basically, it is possible to use all the tools that people use in their everyday lives. Using the internet in itself is only a part of the digital world and teachers should not focus on other possibilities as well. Though internet usage offers many various ways – from online search to practising grammar or building vocabulary, to offering support materials for textbooks – that could be integrated into classroom activities, smartphones, tablets, interactive whiteboards are also among the devices that are available.

The use of new technologies in the classroom has opened a new world of possibilities. The internet offers such amount of data, available anytime that teachers became not the only source of information. To use the benefits of that, teachers have to step into a different role to help their students, namely to leverage, control, and validate the information. In English language teaching the world is much more open, as more or less any material written in English could be used.

Other tools, like an interactive whiteboard, can also make teaching more interesting, as it offers the possibility to satisfy the needs of students with different learning types (visual, auditory, and kinetic). Using an interactive board can also increase the engagement of students by making it possible for them to interact.

Basically, all digital tools serve one goal, which is to reach high engagement. By making the lessons more interesting with the help of digital technology engagement can be increased long term. So, once someone introduced them, they could become part of every lesson.

Among the advantages, the limitless variety of usage should be mentioned in the first place. Though some students are not aware of those possibilities or cannot have access to them, so accessibility can cause problems. Teachers should also help to filter all the information, otherwise, it can happen that students get lost and might lose interest.


aspect – nézőpont

various – számos

validate – érvényesít

visual – láttással kapcsolatos

auditory – hallással kapcsolatos

kinetic – mozgással kapcsolatos

engagement – részvétel

aware of something – tisztában van valamivel

accessibility – hozzáférhetőség

Image by Harish Sharma from Pixabay 

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