Gerunds (ing forms)

If you want to make an ing form, you only need to add an ing to the end of the verb:

swim – swimming

sing – singing

move – moving

play – playing

The function as nouns because they are formed from verbs. In Hungarian, we would call them igei tárgyak.

We use ing forms:

  • They can be the subject of the sentence: smoking is bad to our health

In this case, they function as nouns. However, they differ from nouns grammatically because they are formed from verbs by adding the ING ending.

  • They follow prepositions:

He is known for being rude to women

Peter is anxious about taking his exam

My boss is too confident about remaining in his position

I am sorry about breaking your window

I need to note that ing form is not compulsory after prepositions. You can also use nouns here:

I am afraid of deep water

But as I mentioned above, ing forms function as nouns grammatically, that is why both forms are correct.

  • They follow some verbs: consider, finish, like, hate, suggest

In this case, these gerundial forms function as the object of the sentence.

I will consider lending you money or not

Sarah finishes studying soon

I like going to parties

I suggest watching a comedy instead of a horror movie

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