Aggression and violence are on the rise on the internet. This is most evident in comments. People don’t respect each other, don’t take into account what the other person says and many believe they are the only ones who can be right.

If someone contradicts someone else, it is easy to get angry and write even more rude and offensive texts. But what is the reason for this? Why do people behave this way in the online space? The explanation may be that people lose their self-control because they are far away from other commenters, and many write under anonym profiles, so they don’t have to take responsibility for what they say. There is a high emotional charge which, if negative, often turns into insults. A solution might be simply not to read or write comments, so as not to get upset. Some say that all comments should be banned. However, it might be enough for website operators to simply pay more attention to comments and regulate them more strictly. That might make the Internet a more peaceful place.


take something into account – számításba vesz valamit

contradict – ellentmond

offensive – sértő

self-control – önuralom

regulate – szabályoz

Image by Hatice EROL from Pixabay.

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