There are two toys in this picture, both symbolise love. And hatred. The message that this picture conveys to me is that love can be experienced in two very different ways. First of all, when you fall in love with someone, you experience overly happiness, an ecstatic feeling, with butterflies in your stomach. Everything seems perfect, your new relationship starts as if nothing could be better in the world. This feeling goes on and as you learn more about each other, you are also getting closer. If the flame of your love does not burn out, you accept each other’s faults and keep on supporting, respecting each other, you can expect a long, balanced and strong relationship.

On the other hand, love can be very painful as well: if the love is unreciprocated or you are dumped, it can be hurtful. Especially, if you are dumped out of the blue. To make things worse, if your partner decides to go on the easy way and you face a breaking up text message, the pain is torturing. In other cases, couples do not always get on well with each other but they are too weak to split up staying together and suffering. Time goes on and nothing happens, they remain in a toxic relationship, causing continuous pain. This state can only stop if one of the people puts an end to the relationship and they both become free of the emotional burden – which can be quite invigorating.

All in all, the best thing we can do is to learn as much as we can about our partner and if the time spent with him or she is nothing else but pleasant, the relationship can be promising. But the first signs like frequent arguments, falling outs could be bad signs. If you are capable of recognising these signs, you may be able to take action.

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