The East India Company was a British company founded in 1600. Its purpose was to trade in the Indian Ocean region but later it traded with China. The company covered the Indian subcontinent and parts of Southeast Asia and Hong Kong.

The company was so big that it took half of the world trade from 1750 to 1810. Traded goods were cotton, silk, sugar, salt, spices, tea and opium. The company also had military and administrative control over India. After the Indian Rebellion in 1857, the Government of India Act a year later gave full control to the British Empire over India and a new administrative system was born: the British Raj.

The company, however, always had financial problems and it finally stopped operating in 1874. Its armies were taken over by the British Raj.


found – alapít

purpose – szándék

trade – kereskedik

act – törvény

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