The first recipe for Tiramisu appeared in Italy in 1980 and in England in 1982. Experts claim that tiramisu must be a modern invention because it was not mentioned before 1960 at all.

According to restaurant owner Ado Campeol, it was invented by his wife Alba di Pillo and chef Roberto Linguanotto in his restaurant. Later, they added it to their menu as a dessert in 1972.

Different sources claim that tiramisu was invented by the Vetturino restaurant in Pieris in 1938 as a new version of a previous dessert called Zuppa Inglese.

Another theory suggests that it was made for Duke Cosimo III in Siena in the 17th century.

In 2013, governor Luca Zaia requested protected status from the EU based on its ingredients. This status forbids using other ingredients like orange, raspberry, or banana, otherwise, the dessert can not be called tiramisu.

In 2017, the Italian Ministry of Agricultural Food put it on the list of Italian traditional meals.


appear – megjelenik

invent – feltalál

add – hozzáad

claim – állít

suggest – állít

previous – előző

request – igényel

forbid – tilt

agricultural – mezőgazdasági

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