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Random words and phrases


A mai nap az alábbi szavak vettem a tanulókkal, némelyik hasznos lehet:

General words

Subject – alany
Embarrassed – zavarban van
Result – eredmény
Stand out – kitűnő
Shoot – fotózni
Place – elhelyezni
Develop – fejleszt
Turn out – kiderül
Become – válni valamivé
Improve – fejlődni
Brand – márka
Trend – divatirányzat
Available – elérhető
Incredible – hihetetlen
Usual – szokásos
Normal – megszokott, normális
Review – áttekintés
Variety – kínálat
Sell – elad
Plan – tervezni
Discuss – megbeszélni
Receipt – blokk
(Can, can-t) Afford – anyagilag megenged
Post – küldeni
Move – költözni
Note / coin

Evolve – tart valamerre, fejlődik
If you study a lot, you are evolving

Achieve – elér
Handle – kezel
Blurb – áttekintés
Quote – idézet
More words to study:
Frequent, very often, reach


Their marriage took me by surprise
I take your work into consideration
I take the good weather for granted
Take notice of something
I take pride in my work
Take the blame for
Were built-in – fel lett építve ekkor
I like swimming
Why did you sell the car – miért adtad el az autót?
I like going
We are watching a film tonight
For some reason – valamiért
At night
During the night – az éjszaka alatt
Take its place – átveszi a helyet
To contact somebody
Get hold of somebody
Keep in contact
Give something a go – esélyt adni vminek
Get injured
First aid
Give first aid support
I am broke
Lend something to someone
Borrow something from someone
How was it- – milyen volt-
Close family
Drive around
They were the fathers of modern aviation

Find out – kiderít
You have to wait to find out the results of a situation


Ambulance – paramedic
Doctor – surgeon
Intriguing – interesting – insightful – impeccable