There are a lot of sports events organised on the River Thames. These events are usually supported by different sports clubs. 

One of the most significant sports events is rowing. There are more than 8000 people who do the rowing. Interestingly, most towns have their own rowing club.

The two famous universities, Oxford and Cambridge also compete against each other every spring. 

Sailing is another popular water sport on the river. The most noteworthy sailing club is the one in Oxford. 

We cannot ignore Kayaking, which is also very common. Royal Canoe Club is an old kayaking club which was founded in 1866.

When it comes to swimming, we need to mention Lewis Pugh, who was the first person who swam the full length of the river in 2006. What a performance!

If you like water sports, you might want to join one of these competitions, Not only will you take the challenge but it must also be an unforgettable experience!

Photo: Oladapo Olusola


significant – jelentős

rowing – evezés

sailing – vitorlázás

noteworthy – jelentős

ignore – figyelmen kívül hagy

competition – verseny

challenge – kihívás

unforgettable – felejthetetlen

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