Hungarians are generally considered to be friendly and hospitable people by foreigners. Hungarians welcome strangers and are happy to show them the sights of their country. Every Hungarian attraction has a historical connection, which Hungarians are pleased to share. But it is a fact that some Hungarians are a little shy when it comes to speaking in a foreign language.

It is important to know that the Hungarian language is so special that it is unlike any other language, so it is difficult for a Hungarian to speak a foreign language – perhaps this is the reason why many Hungarians do not speak another language. Hungarian food is also important to be mentioned: dishes such as stuffed cabbage, goulash or paprika noodles are tasty to foreigners – although Hungarian food is generally thought of as spicy and a little greasy. But once one has tasted these flavours, one is eager to put the next bite in one’s mouth. So the food, the landscapes, the sights are all varied, and it’s certain that anyone who has visited Hungary was not bored.


consider – vél

hospitable – vendégszerető

attraction – látnivaló

pleased – örül

cabbage – káposzta

noodles – tészta

greasy – zsíros

eager – izgatott

landscape – táj

varied – változatos

Image by lmaresz from Pixabay

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