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Who was Gottfried of Monmouth?

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Gottfried of Monmouth was a medieval English chronicler and ecclesiastic, writing in Latin, whose fame was established by his major work, the Historia Regum Britanniae, which was very popular in its day and uncritically cited until the 16th century. It first appeared in print in 1508 in Paris.

The nationality of his descendants is unsure. He probably spent most of his adult life outside Wales. Between 1129 and 1151, he was a teacher in Oxford and also worked at St George’s College, according to medieval manuscripts.

On 21 February 1152, Archbishop Theobald of Bec of Canterbury consecrated him as bishop of the diocese of St. Asaph but there is no evidence that he ever visited his territory. It seems that he died around 1155, at least according to the Welsh chronicles.


medieval – középkori

ecclesiastic – lelkész

cite – idéz

consecrate – felszentel

bishop – püspök

diocese – egyházmegye

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