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A Journey Through Linking Words in Effective Communication


Effective communication involves the skillful use of linking words to connect ideas and enhance the coherence of written expression. In this exploration of linking words, we delve into various connectors such as “although,” “even though,” “however,” “in addition,” “moreover,” “on balance,” “in conclusion,” “in summary,” and “to sum up.” Each of these plays a unique role in structuring sentences and paragraphs, allowing for the nuanced expression of contrasting ideas, addition of information, and drawing thoughtful conclusions.

Linking words: although, even though, however, in addition, moreover, on balance, in conclusion, to sum up, in summary

  • The word “although” expresses contradictory thoughts in permissive subordinate clauses.

Although I had a lot of layers on me, I felt terribly cold

  • The expression “even though” is similar to “although,” but expresses a sharper contrast:

Even though he does not like vegetables, he ate the whole bowl of carrots

  • The word “however” is placed at the beginning of the sentence and reflects on the thoughts of the previous sentence.

He was a lazy student. However, he became a rich businessman.

  • The phrases “in addition” and “moreover” add new information to the previous thoughts:

I not only completed the project ahead of schedule, but moreover, I exceeded the client’s expectations.

The team worked diligently to meet the tight deadline, and in addition, they managed to incorporate some innovative features into the product.

  • The “on balance” is used when reconsidering something, summarizing thoughts to draw a conclusion:

On balance, the benefits of implementing the new policy outweigh the potential drawbacks, fostering a more inclusive work environment.

  • The expressions “in conclusion,” “in summary,” and “to sum up” summarize the original thoughts. These are typically used at the beginning of the last paragraph in the text.

In conclusion, the study’s results indicate a strong correlation between regular exercise and improved mental health.

In summary, the research underscores the significance of early childhood education in shaping cognitive development and academic success.

To sum up, the company’s commitment to sustainability not only aligns with environmental goals but also enhances its reputation among socially conscious consumers.

In the realm of linguistic precision, linking words serve as invaluable tools for writers seeking to convey complex ideas with clarity and finesse. The subtle differences between “although” and “even though” in expressing contradiction, or the reflective power of “however” at the beginning of a sentence, exemplify the versatility of these linguistic devices. “In addition” and “moreover” expand upon existing thoughts, while “on balance” invites a reconsideration of ideas, facilitating the drawing of insightful conclusions. As we conclude this exploration, we find that “in conclusion,” “in summary,” and “to sum up” gracefully encapsulate the essence of our discourse, emphasizing the importance of these linking words in providing cohesion and coherence to our written expressions.